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UltraBond 10 to 1

UltraBond 10 to 1

Featuring the MVP Powerslide power head, the UltraBond 10:1 unit delivers a 25:1 power ratio from the 7″ power head; the only true low psi power head on the market. Interchangeable fluid section and power heads for alternate ratios are also available. Operator’s will enjoy quick response shifting and a pilot valve operated by line pressure for reliability and ease of use. Modular Rapid Access Design (RAD) means fewer parts for easy maintenance and low maintenance costs.

Unit Configurations & Specifications:

UltraBond 10:1

25:1 power ratio
Output: approx. 20lbs/min. (907 kg/min) depending on viscosity

Air Requirements: 25 – 30 CFM

25′ hose set (standard)

UltraBond Gun:
– 3/4 in. SS mixer housing with disposable inserts
– “Easy Ratio Check” feature
– “Night Cap” feature
-Optional 1:1 Super Pro Gun