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DMX-300 Duramax Gun

DMX-3000 Duramax Gun

Premium FIT performance.
Ideal for filled resin applications.
Increased material flow.
R.A.D.(Rapid Access Design)
THE ONLY GUN with built-in Shut Off Valves for easy maintenance.
Environment friendly-keeps you in compliance.

Welcome to the next generation of FRP gun technology: Introducing the MVP DuraMAX gun.

The new DuraMAX gun is the peak of power, versatility and lightweight design. Now you can deliver filled resins, high volume applications or standard chopping/saturating flow with ease, precision and efficiency.

The reduced gun head weight and balanced handle/trigger put the weight of the gun further back over the hand for a distinct ergonomic difference. Due to the simple yet efficient design, the DuraMAX is lighter than our competitor’s guns. For reliable performance, the catalyst valve has been designed to use a conventional needle and seat, using the same packings on both the catalyst and resin valves.

The MVP DuraMAX gun incorporates Rapid Access Design (R.A.D.). With fewer parts and maintenance-friendly access, routine replacements take only minutes. This rugged gun features a carbide needle and seat (standard), and is the only gun on the market with built-in shut-off valves for resin and catalyst. Now you can perform maintenance without the need to drain pressure or remove hoses.

Keep your environment clean & efficient: Utilizing MVP’s patented FIT, the MVP DuraMAX gun less overspray, easier clean-up and lowest emissions on the market. The results are significant material savings (over conventional spray applications), and government EPA conformance.

Average Output:
(at 33%) Glass

Resin: 10-12 lbs./min (4kg/min.)

Glass: (1 Strand): 3lbs./min.
(1.4 kg/min.)

Glass (2 Strand): 6lbs./min.
(2.7 kg/min.)

Gun Dimensions:
Weight: 1.9 lbs. (850 grams)
Length: 8.7″ (22.1 cm)

Air Consumption:
Chopper (1 strand): 10 CFM

Wet Out: DMX-3000-W
Chop: DMX-3000