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APS-Dual-color-Airless Gelcoater

APS-Dual-color-Airless Gelcoater

Easy to setup, easy to operate and easy to maintain with Magnum Venus Products’ renowned durability. Fewer parts, stainless steel where you need it, and a rugged design combine to make this system the operator’s choice.

This unit allows the operator to feed a multiple of fluid sections, with standard colors and the ability to add additional colors as needed.

MVP offers a PRO Dualcolor Slave System, with the capabilities of adding on more colors at a reduced cost.

The Dual color Slave System features 2 AP-2000 gel pumps mounted on a special slave bracket with one catalyst pump. I t includes a complete gel pump for every color mounted on the special bracket with an additional slave pump for every 2 colors. The catalyst systems are attached to a small manifold. You can change colors by simply quick-disconnecting the gel hose and closing or opening the appropriate catalyst valve.

There are many ways of utilizing this system. For example: if you ordered a system with a resin pump and a gel pump, you could chop and gel with the same system.